Please fill out either one of the below applications to get your brand new career underway. Please note if you're applying for becoming a pilot you should be familiar with rules & regulations, requirements and so on. For those applying for a Staff Position, please be aware of all policies of the IFVARB, ACVA and Infinite Flight. Also, be made aware of the job description. 

Pilot Application

Status: Open

Staff Application

Status: Closed

We, Air Canada Virtual Airlines ("ACVA") are in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by the Airline, Air Canada, and its Subsidiaries, Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Jazz, and Air Canada Express. We are a Virtual Airline based off the real life Airline and based in the Simulator, Infinite Flight

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is under strict regulations of the IFVARB. We own the title Air Canada Virtual Airlines as an IFVARB official certified VA. Our Logo is owned by Air Canada with slight modifications added to it. 

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