Our Routes

All of our routes are real-world Air Canada routes so we can provide a realistic experience to pilots.

In order to offer an experience that's as close to the real world as possible, our extensive route database has been created using real-world flights operated by Air Canada. This includes regularly changing and updating real-world Codeshare routes, such as Fleet, Ranks, Routes and more.

Check out our Mainline routes, codeshare routes, (codeshare) fleet and so much more!

This Airtable is still a WIP. 


We, Air Canada Virtual Airlines ("ACVA") are in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by the Airline, Air Canada, and its Subsidiaries, Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Jazz, and Air Canada Express. We are a Virtual Airline based off the real life Airline and based in the Simulator, Infinite Flight

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is under strict regulations of the IFVARB. We own the title Air Canada Virtual Airlines as an IFVARB official certified VA. Our Logo is owned by Air Canada with slight modifications added to it. 

For booking and more, please visit www.aircanada.com.

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